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Marching Band

Show 2016 "Latin Dances"

Concert Bands


Jazz Ensembles


Show 2015 "The Elements"


Show 2014 "The Primary Colors of Music"


Show 2013 "Appalachian Memories"


"Silver" Jazz Ensemble Civic Center Arts and Craft Show 2010

Show 2012 "Julius Caesar"


"Silver" Jazz Ensemble State Jazz Festival 2010 "Get it On"

Show 2011 "Spring Valley Jazz" (Music of Stan Kenton)


"Silver" Jazz Ensemble  State Jazz Festival 2010 "Basie Straight Ahead"

Show 2010 "Minimally Speaking"


"Blue" Jazz Ensemble  performing at MU Jazz Festival 2008 "Night Train"

Show 2009 "Night Watch"



Show 2008 "High Impact"



Show 2007 "The Planets"


Show 2006 "Music of the Day"


Show 2005 "The Rise and Fall of Rome"


Show 2004 "Pirates of the Caribbean"


Show 2003 "Club Blue"


Show 2002 "The Planets"


Show 2001 "Russian Christmas Music"


Show 2000 "La Fiesta Mexicana"


Show 1999 "Camino Real"


Show 1998 "The Music of Chuck Mangione"




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